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It’s true that people may not enjoy the pain that comes with working out hard, but some people do!  Whether you enjoy the TEMPORARY muscle aches or not, everyone LOVES the results of Hard Work!  If you can learn to appreciate the Pain that comes with growth and progress, Life becomes much easier.  I love being apart of the Fitness Industry because I strongly believe that habits and traits that you form with your discipline and hard work to look and feel the way you want carries over to all other aspects of your life!  A 6 pac does not only represent a healthy and in shape person, it represents hard work, dedication, perseverance, and success.  A 6 pac does not have to be your main fitness goal.    Dropping 40 lbs when your doctor tells you that your future depends on it also represents the same thing!  1 day at a time, 1 workout at a time, 1 set at a time, 1 rep at a time, and 1 step at a time!  

Here at Hollywood Fitness I am a strong advocate of Goal setting and achieving, not only for your health and looks, but for reaching your full potential, carrying out your purpose in life, and having the success you’ve always dreamed possible for yourself!  Even the impossible is possible so never cheat yourself of your dreams!  IF YOU CAN PUSH OUT ONE MORE REP, OR RUN FOR 1 MORE MINUTE, YOU WILL PUT THAT EXTRA EFFORT INTO LIFE OUTSIDE THE GYM!  I’m here to help you, to push you, to motivate you, to light a fire under you when it has seemed to fizzle out!  Your goals are my goals!  Lets be the best we can be together, for ourselves and everyone around us!

Adam Kipling- The Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Written on February 22nd, 2012 , Blog, Mental Tips, Nutrition and Weight, Workout Tips

“Experience Your Thoughts, Don’t Let Your Thoughts Control Your Experiences!”

Living in the moment is a way of experiencing Life to the fullest.  By not allowing the future to worry you, and by not letting the past weigh you down, but rather putting 100% of yourself into what your doing in the present will surely help you enjoy each moment.  It’s not about doing whatever you feel like doing, but rather Really Feeling whatever it is that you are doing!

Events will unfold around you that you have no control over, but remember that you control how you react to your environment.  It’s easy to let go and enjoy something fun like playing a game, but you can also shift your attitude while working or doing something that you’d rather not be doing, so that you give 100% of yourself to it.  In return you will find the not so fun activity much more fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable!

1: Improve your performance, by not thinking about it!

Have you seen a Pro Basketball player miss a Foul Shot at the end of  the game while the game is on the line, but hit every single one before that pressure was put on him?  That Proves that what we are thinking will effect our performance no matter how good we are at it!  How is this helpful in everyday life?  Life is a Performance!  By not letting your current environment or situation give you any type of anxiety, your chances at succeeding  in life with EASE go way up!  Succeeding on a test in school, or a project at work, or your performance in a very important sporting event.  It could also mean success in an interaction with someone very important to you, like an interview or audition.  It’s your thoughts of the future, of feeling the weight of the future on your shoulders every moment, and of failing that add pressure and have you not performing your best.  Let Go of all that!  You are meant to be exactly where you are! Give yourself entirely to the task at hand and don’t care whose watching! 

 2: Be Mindful!

In other words, focus your thoughts and attention on the task or activity at hand rather than the consequences of success or failure.

“Mindfulness decreases ego involvement.  So people are less likely to link their self-esteem to events and more likely to take things at face value.  Mindfulness also makes people feel more connected to other people—that empathic feeling of being at one with the universe.”

3: Make the most out of time, by losing track of it: Stay In the Zone!

You know your doing what your meant to when you get so caught up that you lose track of time! You know the saying “Time Flies when your having Fun” well a more updated version of that is “Time Flies when your living in the present!”  Time flying is something you will observe while your living in the moment or as I like to call it.. In The Zone.. or In The Flow!  I love dreams because I truly just go with the flow.  Dreams are a little more fun than the reality we live in because environments can change in a split second, but practice letting go of giving a specific amount of time to certain activities, and just let one activity lead you to the next when environments and surroundings shift naturally.  That’s going  with the flow!  We all have responsibilites, so keep in mind that going with the flow is not going with whatever you feel like doing next, its giving yourself completly to whatever it is your doing or have to do!

4: Stop Seeking Future Rewards!

We need to get our minds out of the mode where we do things now in hopes of a future reward.  The Bible says that tommorow is not promised to anyone.  If you are busting your butt for a paycheck, who knows if you will even see that payday.  But rather know this fact…  when living in the moment, or in Automatic Mode as I like to call it, every moment is a reward, and your rewards become mulitiplied.  What I mean by that is, instead of worrying about whether or not what your doing now will bring you a better future, have faith and trust the fact that living in the moment is the best way to live your life and if you continue to live that way, your future will be a million times better than if you are stuck in the wrong way of thinking.  Don’t think about being on vacation while at work because on that vacation you will be thinking and worried about the work that is piling up!

Staying in the Flow will bring you a better Future!

Lets say its saturday, you have no work and the whole day to do whatever.  You want to have fun so you get yourself in automatic fun mode.  You are cracking jokes, coming up with games to play, going with the flow, going places with friends, and than someone calls you because their car broke down and they need your help.  Instead of getting all pissed becuase you don’t feel like driving 30 min to go help that person, rather stay in the flow and in fun mode, be SELFLESS, and have a grand ole time on your way there.  When you get there help that person make light of the situation and have fun with them.  Once the problem is solved, see where the wind blows you next!

If your not paying attention you might have missed the multiple rewards that just came out of you living in the moment in this anecdote.  First of all, everyone your with is enjoying your company and wants to be around you and that feels great!  Your helping your friends have a better day and a better life experience by your positive energy and your fun spirit.  People want to be around you and you enjoy their company.  When a problem arose that challenged you from staying in fun mode, instead of thinking you know what you would rather be doing, you went with the flow, DID THE RIGHT THING, and your mood was not affected at all!  If you’re not carefull you could become upset and resentful that you’re no longer doing what you thought you wanted to do.  By staying in fun mode and going with the flow, you continue to feel good and have a good time, you help someone in need so now this person will be much quicker to return the favor  in the future, and not only that, you helped make yet another persons day better and more enjoyable by choosing to live in the moment.  Doesn’t that sound much better than waking up and worrying about whether or not you are going to be successful in life!  DON”T LET YOUR THOUGHTS CONTROL YOUR EXPERIENCES!  If you only do things now for a future reward than you are stuck thinking and worrying about the future.  If you do things for the reward of RIGHT NOW, than your FUTURE will continue to reap more and more rewards!  Blessings on top of blessings will head your way!  Every new moment becomes a reward!

Things to remember!

You will be tempted to sing and dance while doing things like driving your car.  Drive Safe!  Save the best dance moves for traffic jams!  Enjoy driving like the first time you ever drove!

Let go of the past and pretend there’s no such thing as the future.  What we are truly seeking is INFINITE JOY!  Trust that living in the moment will bring you a better future!

Don’t forget about Morals and Righteousness!

There is a time for everything.  A time to work and a time to play and a time to rest.  A time for Practice and a time for Action.  God controls the times!   Pay attention to where you are guided.  Responsibilities aren’t a drag unless you let them drag you around. Don’t get stuck thinking you know what you want to be doing right now, but go with the flow.  Our environment and current situations are out of our control, but we control how we react!

You are exactly where you are meant to be!

Whatever you do.. give your all to it!  Give your all to work and give your all to play, and even give your all to resting!

 Now remember my goal here at Hollywood Fitness is to help people live life to the fullest, and living in the moment is just as important as being healthy and in shape.  You will enjoy each moment even more if you are looking and feeling your best!  There’s a time for work and a time for play!

 Keep checking back here at for more tips on health, nutrition, and living a more fulfilling life!

Here is a cool video that proves Life is Meant to Be enjoyed-

Watch This Video!

Time for a Dance Party!

Adam Kipling- The LA Personal Trainer




Written on February 10th, 2012 , Blog, Mental Tips

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