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Squats and Split Squats for the Glutes!

Working out the legs is going to burn a ton of calories and also help tone up your entire body? Well here’s a way to work the legs and also target the butt muscle especially!  You will be burning a ton of calories, building fat blasting muscles, working on endurance and your cardio vascular system, while targeting the Butt which will give it a nice size and shape.

I have had plenty of guys not just women tell me they want to have a nicer butt. Its common with women, but it also feels good for us guys to hear compliments on our butts!!  Squats and Split squats are two exercises you should add to your workout. You can do these with a barbell on your shoulders or with dumbells by your sides. When doing squats remember to stick your butt out and down rather then just bending your knees for your knees should never pass the toes!  On split squats you will have your feet spread apart one in front one in back almost like your doing lunges, but your mainly just moving up and down with a little bit of a foward motion to really hit the butt on the push back.  Always think about the muscle your trying to hit, that will help you adjust your motion to target it better. I recommend doing 3 sets of 12-15 squats with light to moderate weight, then do 2 sets of 12 split squats on each leg with light to moderate weight. If you want or need more in depth explinations on how to properly do these two excersizes, or for more tips on the spot contact me at or 323.692.1020.

If done properly, you will feel your butt sore like you’ve never felt it before. You will also feel a roundness and a firmness that you’ve been hoping for! I have plenty of more tips on targeting the butt so please feel free to contact me, but definately keep checking back with Los Angeles fitness!

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    Kelly commented

    yes, you do more reps, like 20-30 when you excersice them, that way you will not build big mlecuss insted toned and mlecuss with endurance. This is if you’re already in shape, if not, you need to loose bodyfat, thats the only way to tone your mlecuss. The only way to loose bodyfat is to do cardio (running, walking with a fast phase etc) several days a weak and also to eat more healty

    March 18, 2012 at 7:20 PM

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